Thursday, August 1, 2013

20 Random Facts... about ME!!!!

I got this fun blog post by the beautiful The Green Eyed Lady (read her post) and follow her lovely blog.

Okay so here goes my 20 Random Facts...

1. I leaved at home with (mommy & daddy) till I was 19yr old

2. I moved to Denver Co for my last 2 years in Nursing School

3. I still drive the car my dad gifted me when I graduated high school

5. I married at 21 years old

6. I love summer time

7. I'm a mommy to a girl

8. I just moved back from Colorado to California

9. My hubby was born and raised in Dana Point (lucky guy)

10. My dad owns his own business

11. I LOVE pizza

12. Two month ago I joined  24hr Fitness...LOVE it!!!!

13. I LOVE reading month favorites BLOG Post

14. I'm in LOVE with Pinterest

15. I have a Instagram I post daily pics and quick video follow me : beautyhunter87

16. I really want to start a YouTube mommy/beauty Chanel

17. I also have a Keek follow me : beautyhunter87

18. My hubby is 4 years older than me

19. We plan on having a second child soon

20. I really appreciate all the comments, likes that I get on all my network sites that I have it really makes me like even more what I do for fun. THANK YOU so much!!!
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