Thursday, January 24, 2013

Review: Maybelline Color Whispers

Today I want to share with you all my review on the Maybelline Color Whispers.
The colors I have are One Size Fits Pearl & Go Nude.
The packaging is very girly and sleek. It fits perfectly in my makeup bag. They come in a few other colors.
To me they are very sheer but creamy and go on super smooth.
It add a perfect shine to lips if you are going for the neutral look. I would compare the to the Revlon Lip Butter but I feel that Revlon has a better pigmentation.
Both Revlon & Maybelline are super creamy and apply smooth and they also keep lips moisturized.

In my honest opinion I would not repurchase them just because of how sheer the color payoff is. But if you like a very natural look then the Maybelline Color Whispers are perfect for you.

Target - $6
One Size Fits Pearl - Sheer baby pink with slight shimmer
Go Nude - Peach nude color.


Alina said...

These are pretty sheer. But they look super moisturizing, though! Thanks for sharing, Jazmin :)

Jessica said...

i have yet to try these. I saw them yesterday but did not like the colors they had boo maybe next time they look moisturizing for sure

G A B Y said...

Both shades look amazingly creamy, glossy and natural!

Hunter87 said...

@ Aline - True that you are welcome doll.

Hunter87 said...

@ Jessica - They sure are very moisturizing I hope that you do get to pick some up.
Have a great weekend doll.

Hunter87 said...

@ Gaby - They sure are. Have a great weekend.

Ariel said...

i purchased a maybelline whisper, the lilac purply one and I like the colour of that!

-ariel* xoxo

Anonymous said...

I suppose it always depends on what you want from a product, the colours are pretty in the tube

Betzy's Makeup said...

I think they look great

Tiffany said...

I got one in "Lust for Blush" *& agree that I wouldn't repurchase more.
The Lip Butters from Revlon are way better.

Ada said...

i hear that the darker shades are more pigmented!