Friday, March 30, 2012

Review: Maybelline Dream Matte Powder

Hello lady's before I do my monthly favorites I wanted to share with you all a face powder that I have been using and that I really really like.

This is the Maybelline Dream Matte Powder in the color Medium.
I must say that I have tryed both high end and drugstore face powder and this is definitely one that I would really recommend if you are looking for a good powder that not only sets your foundation but also give you a nice matte finish.
One of the few reason why I like this powder is because it dose not cake-up my foundation or make my face feel heavy or anything like that.
Now this dose not completely keep my face matte all day but it dose help.

The things I don't like about this is that it dose not have a range of colors I believe their only four shades.
With this said I had a very hard time finding my shade.
Also I really don't like the packaging because you have to open the lid to get to the product them slide the bottom part to take the mirror out and I find this hard.

The price is good I got mine when tit was on sale so that was even better.
I hope this has help you if you are on the hunt for a good drugstore face powder to set your foundation.


I used the powder to set my foundation

***Product payed with my own money***

Wednesday, March 28, 2012

EOTD: Spring

Hello lady's today I have quick and simple EOTD using my WnW I love Matte palette.
Im not big on bright colors but I must say that I really like this look and that is why I wanted to share it with you all.
Hope you lady's like it.

Tuesday, March 27, 2012


Hello lady's today I have a problem that would like to get help because I have been trying to fix-it and I just can't fix this problem.

I really hope that I can get help from you lady's:

I can't see my followers on my blog page. The number keep growing but their pictures are not showing.
I know that GFC is no longer available but then what else can I do????

Thank you again for helping me any help will be much needed.

Friday, March 23, 2012

NOTD: WnW Spoiled in Kickin' The Habit Nail Polish

Hello lady's I know I have not been posting but I have been super stressout because we are finally moving back to California and I have lots and lots to do and not only that but also my lady bugs 3rd birthday is comming up.
But today I wanted to share with you all a very pretty nail polish color from WnW it is from the Spoiled collect exclusive to CVS. I dont have a CVS here in Colorado so the reason how I got this was all thanks to a resent makeup swap I had.

This color is not only pretty but it has a Matte finish to it. This is my very first matte nail polish and I must say that I really like it so I really want to try other colors.
The color is a pretty purple fuchsia color. Perfect for Spring.

What do you lady's think of matte finish?

**Nail Polish was part of a Makeup Swap**

Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Review: NYX Xtreme Lip Cream in Candy Land

Hello lady's today I have a Review to share with you all it is the NYX Xtreme Lip Cream in Candy Land.
I got this as part of a recent Makeup Swap.
I must say that I LOVE it!

This is a very pretty bright pink. I don't think that I have anything like this and maybe its way I LOVE it.
This is a combination of a lip gloss and a Lip stick.
It applys like a lip gloss but the finish is a lip stick finish.
It has no scent to it.
But what I really like is the fact that when you apply it to your lips its not sticky.
It is a short wand with a sponge applicator.

The pigmentation is  AMAZING. Very little goes a long way.
I'm sure to pick up a few more.
The size is perfect to fit in your makeup bag.

Have you try any of this Xtreme Lip Cream by NYX?

Price: $ 5.99

** Product was part of a Makeup Swap**

Friday, March 16, 2012

NOTD: St Patrick's Day

Hello lovely lady's today I have a quick post to share with you all is my St Patrick's Day NOTD. Using another nail polish that I picked up at Ross it is called Cosmetic Arts again it dose not come with a name to it but it is a very pretty bight green. I don't think the pictures do justice to this nail polish color.
Two coats did the job NO top coat.
I also added some gold to it by applying Sally Hansen  Xtreme Wear in Set the Stage to my ring finger.
Thank you so much for reading and have a wonderful weekend lady's.

**Product payed with my hubby's money**

Tuesday, March 13, 2012

EOTD: Spring

Hello lady's today I have a simple EOTD that I used today.  I feel like I have bot done one in a long time.Plus I'm so ready for Spring I used my Too Face palette to go that I got in one of my resent Makeup Swap.
I really like the way this came out and I wanted to share it with you all.

1.UDPP all over lid.
2. Light purple color all over eye lid & lower lash line.
3. Mate cream color as a brow bone highlight.
4. Dark brown of the coner of the eye lid.
5. Maybelline Falsies Mascara.
6. Fake eye lashes.

Saturday, March 10, 2012

Makeup Swap

Hello lady's I have another Makeup Swap and Im super excided to show you all what I got.
I totally think that she went over the top with it.
Thank you Jenni for this it was so much fun.
Please check her blog and also on twitter.

Everything came in a BIG BOX

All the goodies and a lovely card =)

Candy for my Lady Bug =P

Uh,As If!, Shrimp On The Barbie, Kickin' The Habit & Jewelry Heist. All are very pretty colors.

Rimmel London Eye Shadows in Dark Angel (purple) & Orion (brown) Also Wnw Trio in Silent Treatment

Rimmel London Lip Stick in Airy Fairy
BBW mini body lotion in Bali Mango
Revlon Lip Stick in Peach
WnW glassy gloss in This Too Shall Glass

Mini Yes to carrots wipes & EOS Lip Balm in Summer fruit

Physicians Formula Glow & Mood Boosting Blush in Natural
Rimmel London Natural Bronzer in Sun Dance

My very First Ever Milani Blush
Baked Blush in Rose D'Oro
Baked Blush in Luminoso

*** Everything was part of a Makeup Swap***

Friday, March 9, 2012

NOTD: Magenta

Hello lady's I have another NOTD to share with you all. This is a nail polish I got at Ross it was only $1.99 I have never used this bran before and I can say that I'm happy with the application of the polish very pigmented and smooth to apply especially for being that price. I did two coats NO top coat. The color is a very pretty bright Magenta Color perfect for the summer time.

Have a wonderful weekend lady's.

** Nail Polish payed with my hubby's money**

Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Review: Maybelline Dream Nude AirFoam Foundation

Good Morning!!! lovely lady's today I have another Review this time it is on the New Maybelline Dream Nude AirFoam Foundation.
So if you are interested please keep reading.

I got this foundation a few weeks ago and I think I'm ready to give you my honest review on this foundation.
The instruction say to "Practice using the dispenser by shaking the can and applying a small amount of product to a tissue"
I did this and I can say that now when I go to use it I know exactly how much pressure to push to dispenser with.
I also make sure that I shake this very well and I have had no problems with the foam coming out to runny/watery.
I got mine in 265 Sun Beige the color is perfect on me.
This also has SPF 16 I don't mind this so I like it.
It is a 1.6oz I think it is a decent size for the price.

One of the reasons why I like this foundation is because it is a lightweight  foundation and its so easy to apply on to my face.
I apply this foundation with my damp BB and I find that I like the finish I get.
This is not a full coverage foundation but you can definitely build it up.
It has worked for me very well for now but I don't know how well it will work during summer I would have to see if I keep liking it by then.
Will I buy this again : Maybe I will keep my finger cross and hope it works on me for summer as well.

You can find this at all drug store retails for : $10

Bellow are picture of this foundation on my face.

 **I payed for this with my OWN money**