Saturday, July 2, 2011

Dupe: For Mac Brule eyeshadow

Hello to all my lovely follower!! I hope you all are having a amazing weekend with all your love ones.
In another note..yes I have another dupe for all you girls. I don't know about you girls but when I like a product I like to have a back up for it. Last time I went to my local Mac store I asked one of the girls that I was looking for a fresh looking matte highligth for my eye brow bone and she directed me to the color Brule by Mac I must admit that I was not to pleased with it just by looking at it but I swatch it on my hand and I decided to give it a try. I have been using it as my "go to " brow bone highligth for about a month now and I love it. It's a ligth  creamy beige color and because its a satin finish it doesn't apply chalky witch is what I like about it. I even got my mom to buy one and she likes it to. =)

Anyways last week I went to Walgreen's to pick up a few things and I stop at their WnW section and they had single eye shadows in their display thingy I have never seen a WnW single eyeshadow I always see the trios but never the singles so I picked up a few of the single shadows. When I got home I started to play around with them and one of them in particular stand outs of the bunch. As a swatch them all on my hand the eyeshadow Brulee by WnW was the one. Now I don't know if it was the name at first, but afther I swatched it on my hand I went in to my makeup stash and pick up Mac in Brule witch I also swatch it on my hand and to my surprise both looked very similar. This I had to share with all you girls. It makes me happy that all this drug store brands are really stepping up their game and give us a good quality makeup products. I really hope you girls find this useful cause it sure is to me I was told by the Mac girl that they will discontinued the color Brule by Mac. Has anybody of you heard this? if so I'm covered..LOL. Enjoy!!

(left to rigth)
WnW in "Brulee"
Mac in "Brule"

Left- WnW
Rigth- Mac

Overall on both products :

* No shimmer to both of them perfect for highligth
* Extremely both soft and silky
* Both very good pigmented
* Easy to blend
 *****  BEST of all is the price WnW was $3 and Mac $14

Next time you go into your local Walgreen's check out the WnW section cause you never know what one can find !!!
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