Sunday, September 30, 2012

Review: Queen Helene Mint Julep Masque

Happy Monday Everybody!!!

Today I have a quick review on my most favorite drug store face mask it is the Julep Queen Helene Mint Masque. I LOVE this face mask. If you like mint scents then this is a must try.
I got mine at Walgreen's a little goes along way.
When you first put it on you feel a very cool refreshing feeling.

It also helps dry up acne pimples, it removes blackheads (if you have any) and BEST of all it shrinks enlarge pores. Even if you have good skin (no pimples) this mask help relax tired face muscles and gives you a nice freshing feeling.Over all this is a perfect mask for every skin type.
I like to use this one or two times a week. This mask is totally environmentally friendly NO Animal Testing and No Animal Ingredients.
I would really recommend this mask to everyone that loves mint scents and that are looking for an afforbable at home face mask that dose dry up pimples,remove blackheads, and shrinkpores then look no more this is a must have.

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***Product payed with my hubby's money ALL pictures are mine***

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