Thursday, January 26, 2012

Review: Kiss Nail Dress (Fashion Jewel Strips)

Hello Lady's. I want to thank you all for all the lovely comment. It really dose mean a lot to me. Thank you, Thank you!!!!!

Today I have a review for you all. It is the Kiss Nail Dress Fashion Jewel Strips. I got mine way back before Thanksgiving.
I must say that I really like them. They have few designs but  they are all very pretty.
They are sticker like so they are different then the Sally Hansen polish strips.
I really like them because they don't DRY UP like the Sally Hansen do.
You can put them on both your hands and toes. It come with 28 different sizes to make them fit to any size toes or finger.
The direction are super easy to follow simple as 1-2-3

1. Choose a nail size.
2. Peel and stick into the nail
3. File the excess ( I cut them)

Also I like the fact that they make a few with Jewels this makes them look very girly.
They lasted me for more than two weeks and that was very GOOD for me.
Well worth my money!!!
What I did NOT like was when I removed them I had a sticky residue left and I had to remove it with nail polish remover.
Bottom line I really LIKE them and YES I will definitely buy them again.
Retail Price $7-$8

***This product my hubby payed for it***

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