Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Review:Maybelline Limited Edition Porcelain Collection Lipstick in Nude Nuances

Quick review on my FAVORITE lip stick at the momment it is the Maybelline Limited Edition Porcelain Collection lipstick in 865 Nude Nuances.
Im so glad I picked this up a lot of people say it is a dupe for MAC--Hue I dont know if it is true or not because I dont own Hue by Mac.
This color is a cool toned pink. I like the creamy formula and has a satin finish. It's a Limited Edition so make sure you get it before its gone.
The packaging is a very pretty purple lipstick cap.

The only thing that I dont like is the smell but I can over pass that because I like how it looks on my lips.
I also wish this color was permanent and not LE.
Have you picked up any of the New Maybelline Limited Edition Porcelain Collection Lipstick?


*Product payed with hubby's money*
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