Saturday, June 2, 2012

My Favoite Sigma Brushes ( requested)

This post will be on my four Favorite Sigma Brushes.
I have different makeup brushes but this time I want to share with you this particular brush brand and give you my honest opinion.

I got my first makeup brush by Sigma about 1 yr ago I was introduced to them by my cousin.
I got there travel size makeup brush set in Black.
When I first got my small travel set I was very happy with it because it comes with all the necessary brushes and a brush roll.
So after that I order a second order. I only buy the single brushes no kits I don't know why I just do.

I'm pretty OK with the brushes that I have from them. They only thing about them that I really don't like is the shedding and the ink bled every time you wash them.
I have a few Mac brushes and those DO NOT SHED or BLED INK so by far they are my favorite. I know that they are EXPENSIVE but they are a great quality brush.

Below are four of my favorite Brushes by Sigma.
I hope this can help you if you are thinking of getting some Sigma Brushes.

Sigma Round Top Kabuki F82 - This is a perfect brush for foundation when I use this brush I get the perfect air brush finish and I don't use a lot of foundation. It is a little hard to wash but when you was it very good it look like new all the time.

Sigma Eye Shading E55 - I LOVE this brush I have three its perfect for applying your eye shadows and I also find that it applies any loose pigments just as well with not a lot of fallout. I also use this to smudge my eye shadow on my lower lash line.

Sigma (travel size) SS194 Concealer brush - I use this not only to apply my concealer but also to shape my eye brows. The size is perfect for traveling.

Sigma  (travel size) SS150 Face Brush - I also LOVE this I have this in my makeup bag and I like how fluffy and rounded this brush is perfect for applying my face powder.

For prices and to see more product detail  go to SigmaBeauty

*All the product payed with my hubby's money*
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