Saturday, September 17, 2011

~ HAUL - CVS (California) ~

Hello to all my lovely followers. Today is Saturday  its cold outside so lady bug my hubby and me are going to have movie nigth at home with popcorn...yummy!!
But before that I want to share with all you girls my haul from Californis. My best friend Mariella and I went to CVS and we had to much fun..LOL she works at CVS so I also got a discount yay!!!
I was told by her that only a few CVS carry NYX so I was hopping to pick some up but the CVS that we went to did not carry that line but its ok because I got other stuff = )
I live in Colorado so I dont have a CVS so when I go to California I go to CVS alot. I have Rite Aid and Wallgreens.
Have any of you had the Rite Aid ice cream?
Anywho hope you all are having a good weekend with your friends and family!!!


Left to Rigth
WnW nail polish in Correction Tape this is a clear nail polish with silver, purple, black and blue glitter.
WnW in Tangled in My Web this is a clear polish with black glitter this nail polish is from the halloween section.
Confetti nail polish in Lonesome Dove I dont have any color like it so I had to get it its a concreat color also got in Pop the cork purple its a dark purple with sligth shimmer.

They had this on display and I had to get them they have them on I think three other desings but this are the two that I like my friend Mariella got the spider web that is cute to.
Also got this two Limited Edition  Maybelline Blush (left to rigth)
#810 Stage Glow & #800 Pressworthy Pink

As you all may know I love that Chocolate Masque it was feature on my Aug favorites so I had to pick up some more. Also two pair of eyelashes.

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