Sunday, September 25, 2011

Tell me facts about yourself award...

Hello lovely followers today is Sunday. What a hot day today but it ok because the nights are getting cooler.
A few days ago the lovely Tiffany in lifeasasoutherngirl  awarded my blog the : Tell me facts about yourself award. Thank you so much Tiffany for taking the time to read and follow my blog and also award it.
Please if you have not done so check out her blog and follow her too.


The Rules
Thank and link the person who awarded you
Write 7 random things about yourself
Spread the love to 15 other bloggers

7 random things :
1. Like O'reos
2. I will be 25 in about 5mo
3. I have lots and lots of gray hair
4. I worked at a gas station
5. I dont drink that much
6. I do my hand nails every 2days
7. I've been to Vegas!!!!

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