Thursday, September 15, 2011

~ My Meeting With One Of My Blog Reader ~

Hello to all my lovely followers. I have been gone for two weeks but now I'm back. Back to my schedule and blogging. I hope that you are all having an amazing week so far.

 To start with my return to blogging I wanted to share my meeting with the beautiful BeautyBehaved. She is such a nice girl and I got to now her in a different level. She was so kind to give me some nail polishes wish I had a pic to show you girls but some broke on the plane and the few that got saved my lady bug claimed as hers..LOL. Thank you so much BB for the stuff. I had a very good time and I hope that next time I go back to California we can both spend more time. We had Starbucks and I nice walk on main street in Oceanside and to top it off it was such a pretty day outside. I had a very good time out in California with all my friends and family and I will be back soon!

*Next post will be a haul of some of the things I got!


BeautyBehaved & Me
Starbucks was so good..yummy
Passion Tea Lemonade
I had to share our shoes I like hers better =)

The beautiful BeautyBehaved

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