Friday, February 1, 2013

Review: CoverGirl Clump Crusher

Quick review on the  New CoverGirl Clump Crusher in Very Black (water resistant)
I have been using this mascara for a few weeks and I'm so sad to say that I did not like it as much as I wanted to I'm a big fan of the CoverGirl Lash Blast.
I was very disappointed because this mascara flake a lot. The applicator and the consistency of the mascara I did like.
I like the fact that it did give me volume with no clumps.
The packaging is a lime green color that makes this mascara stand out inside your makeup bag and that I really liked. It also has a slight scent to it but nothing that you cant pass by. It has a plastic applicator.

Over all No I will not repurchase this mascara because it did flake on me.I hope this review help you make your next choice on a drugstore mascara. If you have anymore question please let me know down below.

Drugstore $8

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