Saturday, February 11, 2012


Hello lady's today I have a quick post to show you all on tips on how to choose the right bra and where you can find cute bra designs are well.
My first question is when was the last time you had a proper bra fitting?

Check out Bras-Galore this Website has very cute bra designs and they ship-world wide.

Some of my favorites:

Did you know that "Wearing the wrong size bra can in the first instance be very uncomfortable, but did you know that it can also affect your posture, your confidence and ruin the look of your outerwear?"

Click in this link Fantasie to read more about the proper way a bra should feel and the wrong way too.

I also get my bras form :

VictoriasSecret- pink

Jcpenney (They do Free bra fitting all you have to do is ask for it plus they always have great prices)

Lanebryant-Cacique (If you are more in the bigger side in the chest area this store has all the sizes and very cute designs)

I really hope this post help you if you are looking for a new bra because we all need a proper fitting bra to feel comfortable =)

***I was asked to make a post with the above web information.Picture are not mine***

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