Sunday, June 19, 2011

Pamper Yourself Without Leaving Home

A few days ago I picked up from my  local Walmart a few facial masks and this two are my favorite so far. This week/ weekend has been very busy and full of things to get done so I decided to treat my self to a at home facial mask. This are about $2 each and smell  very good.
The first one is a Anti-Stress Mask and its for Normal/Dry skin and T-Zone skin. It deep cleanses your skin and at the same time its soothing to your skin. It smells like Jasmine and Lavender so if you like Lavender like me this will work perfect for you.

The last one is a Peel Off Mask for all Skin Types. Its a Pore cleansing and Detox Mask perfect for that radiant complexion. It smells like Lemons so afther this you really feel all fresh.

This two facial masks makes my face feel super fresh.When was the last time you pamper yourself?
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