Tuesday, October 11, 2011

My Halloween Greek Godess Look +TAG

Hello my to all my lovely followers.Today I wanted to share my first Halloween look.
I took out all the Halloween customs that we have collected over the yrs and some that I buy after Halloween sale.
I used gold and a hint of black but mostly gold. I used all Urban Decay products but if you are thinking of doing a similar look there are many other brands that carry beautiful gold eye shadows and blacks. I also used fake eyelashes I did nit find any real dramatic ones but I think that the ones I used worked perfect. I really had lots of fun doing this.I decided to TAG every single  one of you to do a Halloween makeup look and just have fun making it!


1. UDPP all over lid.
2. Half Baked all over lid.
3. Virgin on brow bone.
4. Buck on the crease.
5. DarkHorse on the coner of the eyelid.
6. Maybeline mascara.
7.WnW black marker eyeliner.
8. WnW gold eyeliner over the black one.
9. Ardell lashes in #137

1. Fit me faundation
2.Mac Vanilla pigment for highlight
3.NYX lipstick in Indian
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