Sunday, October 16, 2011

Oct: Breast Cancer Awareness Month!!!

Hello lovely followers. This month is the Breast Cancer Awareness month. In some of the blogs that I fallow I have been seeing that they do a makeup look inspire by this month using the color pink.
This is the look that I have done for this month.

Lady's this months and every month you should check your breast for any Abnormalities that you may have.
This is a very simple test ( click here) to read on how to do the simple test that could SAVE YOUR LIFE!!!

It is very important lady's that we all do this test and also the annual test. I know to some its embarrassing to others they don't like to be seen or touched by Doctors. But don't be Lady's it is very important that we see the Doctors if we do find something. We all want to see our children grow and be will all of our love ones.
So please, if you have not done this simple test what are you waiting for?
and if you do feel something or notice something that was not their before pickup the phone and call your local clinic.
If you need that extra support take with you your mom, hubby, kids, grandma, sister etc.


just breath, relax and live long and healthy.


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