Sunday, August 21, 2011

~ Award: One lovely Blog Award ~

Hello lovely followers today is such a pretty Sunday outside that we are thinking of going to the Park with our Lady Bug. This morning I was looking at me comment and I was notified by one of my lovely follower KatXoXo that she had an award for me. She is such a doll thank you so much for this award it means so much to me please checkout her blog if you have not done so yet!

So for this Award you must name seven random things about yourself and award ten blogs that you love to read!!                                          
1. I love Starbucks
2. My daugther real name is Maxine Emily but I call her Lady Bug
3. I love shopping at Ross and Tj Maxx
4. My hubby can speak cute is that..LOL
5. I like to read  Cosmopolitan issue
6. I worked at BaskinRobbins when I was in High School...the best job ever..LOL
7. In about 6mon I will be 25 I'm getting so old....not good!!!

Tag 10 blogs:

I really don't want to just tag ten I TAG EVERYONE  that is following me...all of you dolls very well deserve it have a wonderful day!
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