Tuesday, August 9, 2011

~ My Eyebrow Routine ~

  Hello to all my lovely followers!
Today I want to share with you girls my eye brow routing. I have been getting comments on how nice I do my eye brows that I have decided to share my routing with you girls. I have always use an brown eye shadow to do my eye brows but last month I got my very first Birch box and inside came this eye brow pencil called Your Best Friend (ybf) in brown. The reason that I never really like pencils is because I feel like they give a really harsh eye brow look and I really don't like that but I was told that you can prevent that but brushing out the excess and that is what I do. I also use a thick concealer to clean around the eye brow so you can achieve a clean eyebrow. I hope that you girls can give it a try and see if this works for you as it dose to me.


This is everything that I use for my eyebrow
1. YBF eye brow pencil in brown.
2. Elf eyelash & brow wand
3. Hard Candy Glamoflauge concealer
4. Sigma ss194 travel size brush

Love this eye pencil one side is the pencil and the other the brush perfect it you are on the go.

Take any brush wand that you have and brush out the eyebrows.

Trace the eyebrow shape you would like


For A with your eyebrow pencil shade inside the eyebrow line. To make the eyebrow not to harsh B step is a must brush the excess away

Then you will have a nice perfect eyebrow. You can leave it at this or do the following step to clean it up and make it pop

Take any concealer brush and some thick concealer dab some on your brush


A. Trace your eyebrow with the concealer. B with the brush blend the concealer out

Finally you have a nice clean eyebrow..yay!!!

In this picture I just added some false eye lashes, eye liner and mascara

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