Thursday, August 25, 2011

Review: Beautyblender

Hello lovely followers! Today I want to share with you my review on the famously BeautyBlender (BB).
I have had this for a few weeks now and I must say that it is AMAZING!!
I usually use a flat top brush to apply my foundation but eversence I got this egg sponge I have been using this insted of my brush. The way you use this is as follow  I wet the BB and squeeze out the excess water. Afther this I  put a dot of makeup on my cheeks, forehead, etc and I either roll or dab in all over my face.The narrow point is perfect for the corners of the eyes and around the nose.
By doing this it gives me the perfect full or ligth coverage that I want for that particular day without making my face cakeky which I feel that sometimes a brush can do. I dirent order the cleanser that come with it because I use an antibacterial soap to wash it afther every use. I also find that my cat love this and thinks that is a toy I saw him the other day trying to play with it that for I wish I could find a  better storage because I can't keep it on my bathroom counter to air dry. Over all Im very happy with my purchase.

Now lets talk about the price it is $20 for one or 2 for $25  online at They also seal them at Cherry I know that Cherry Culture had sale sometimes so you can always be on the look out for that. Also Target has something very similar to the BB. I dont know what its called but its on the Sonia Kashuk section its half the price. I wish I had it too so I could conpare them but everythime I go to my local Target it out of stock =(

 ~ Plus Points ~
Makes my face not look cakeky
Gives me a nice airbrush finish
I can do full to ligth coverage

~ Negative Points ~
Price ( if you or on a budget)
Storage ( if you have a cat..LOL)

I got two but one will go to one of my lovely followers on my next giveaway!!

I love it

This is what I use to clean it
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