Sunday, August 14, 2011

Award time!!!!

Hello to all my lovely followers today I want to share some very especial awards that my lovely follower BeautyBehaved has give to my blog. Thank you doll so much for taking the time to follow me and award my blog. Please if you have not done so check out her blog and follower her shes has a very interesting blog and a very cute little dog named Twinkie!


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Share 7 random things about yourself
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Name your favorite color- black

Name your favorite song-  Its going to be funny but I like the Dora Map song ..LOL

Name your favorite dessert- churros.....yummy

What pisses you off- fake people

When your upset you- cry but I do it when I'm alone =(

Your favorite pet- Bootz our family cat that we saved from an Animal shelter in Denver,Co

Black or white- black

Your biggest fear- to be alone

best feature- I'm told by my hubby its my eyes

Everyday attitude- happy

What is perfection- who knows its just on of those ? I wonder too

Guilty pleasure- Oreo Cookies w Peanut Butter.....Yummy that all I Can say!!!!

1. I'm 5'4
2. I don't know how to skate
3. I love to travel
4. I want to go to Beauty school
5. I have a 2yr old
6. My maiden name is Gonzalez now its Hunter =)
7. I stress about everything..LOL not good!!!

15 bloggers 
1. Meredith Jessica
2. Kortney
3. MissTapia
4. Mrs.Makeup
5. MamaBear &Bee
6. BeautyBabbii5
7. VintageMakeup
9. ClassyAddictions
10. MakeupByNessa
11. Marla
12. Vanessa
14. AileenMecia
15. ThisIsAlx
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