Friday, August 26, 2011

~ My August BirchBox ~

Hello lovely followers today I'm going to share with you dolls my review on the month of August Birch Box. For more information on what is a Birch Box please  click here.


This is the KateSpadeTwirl I love it its both fruity and floral but neither is to overpowering perfect for summer this is on my summer list for next yr.

I was in need of a night cream I like it so far I will finish this tube and see if I can get the full size then. I like how my face feels after I use it so soft.

I did not use this one because I like my St Ives apricot scrub. But my mom also got this and she like it so I will give this to her.

I was very excited to try this mascara you will have to read the instructions very well before you use this because it dose have a trick to it.  Its a very unique mascara but my #1 is still Maybelle's Falsies..LOL

This I will not use I will give it to my mom its a Lift Fix High Potency Solution.

I try this and did not like it at all but you can also use it on your wrist.

Overall I think that this month I was not to happy/excited with my box. I cross my finger that I get something much more better next month.
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